Check the JanusVR docs for more details:


  • Start JanusVR All-in-one button, exports room and launches Janus
  • Export FireBox Only exports the objects and generates the room

Export Settings

  • Export path The local directory where the rooms are exported to
  • Use IPFS Check this to enable IPFS (requires IPFS installed and present in PATH)
    • IPFS Gateway Use the IPFS HTTP Gateway (
    • IPNS Use the IPNS nameserver / set name
  • Apply Rotation Apply Current Scene Rotation to Objects
  • Apply Scale Apply Current Scene Scale to Objects
  • Apply Position Apply Current Scene Position to Objects
  • Unpack Textures Unpack all textures when exporting

Run Settings

  • Janus VR path The path to the JanusVR application
  • Display Mode Select 2D, Rift, SBS, SBSR mode
  • Rate Server update rate
  • JanusVR FullScreen Starts JanusVR in fullscreen mode
  • Window Size Launch JanusVR with the specified window dimensions


__*These attributes are all set on a per object basis__

Mesh Objects/Common

  • Object Type For the most part, should be “Object (model)”. However, it can be used to allow making placeholder objects with meshes.
  • js_id Specify js_id for object here, blank will give a default numeric id

Mesh Objects/Link

When making one of these, start off with a newly created Plane.

Don’t go into edit mode to resize it - just use the transform (the exporter won’t pick up on mesh resizing, the plane itself is just a placeholder)

With this, you should be able to semi-accurately place portals.

To check the orientation: Local Y should be up, Z should be facing outwards.

I’m not quite sure it works completely accurately, and if not what’s responsible, but it’s a start.

  • Link Name The name displayed on the portal.
  • Link URL Since (unlike the old “text as portal” system) link objects don’t directly hold text, the URL is put here.
  • Active If false, active="false" is set.

Mesh Objects/Mesh

  • Export Format Select Wavefront (.obj) or Collada (.dae) export format
  • Collision Enable collision for this object
  • Locked Lock this object
  • Visible Draw this item in the Janus room (setting to false with collision set to true is useful for proxy collision geometry)
  • Set Color Enable a Janus color value for this object
    • Color Select color value for this object
  • Websurface Texture the current object with a Janus Websurface
    • URL Set URL for websurface
    • Width&Height Set pixel dimensions for websurface
  • Cull Face Set desired face culling (back, front, none)
  • GLSL Shader Set a custom GLSL Shader for this object
    • Frag Shader Set path to Fragment Shader (use absolute paths)
    • Vertex Shader Set path to Vertex Shader (use absolute paths)

Sound Objects (use speaker in Blender)

  • Sound Set path to sound file (use absolute paths)
  • js_id js_id for sound object
  • Distance Distance at which sound plays at full volume
  • XY1 X and Z positions for first corner of trigger rectangle
  • XY2 X and Z positions for second corner of trigger rectangle
  • Loop loop sound
  • Place once play the sound only the first time triggered per user session

Text Objects

Text objects don’t have any properties as such, but there are the following things to note:

  1. Text is created for single-line, Paragraph for multi-line.
  2. It seems JanusVR ignores the lines anyway, so this is fine.
  3. The old “beginning with http creates link” behavior still exists - not exactly sublime.


  • Room Sets the room model (see the FireBox docs for further details.
  • Visible If checked, makes the room visible
    • Color Sets the rooms color
  • Select Skybox Images Sets custom skybox images for this room
    • Skybox Left Set path to Left Skybox Image (use absolute paths)
    • Skybox Right Set path to Right Skybox Image (use absolute paths)
    • Skybox Front Set path to Front Skybox Image (use absolute paths)
    • Skybox Back Set path to Back Skybox Image (use absolute paths)
    • Skybox Up Set path to Up Skybox Image (use absolute paths)
    • Skybox Down Set path to Down Skybox Image (use absolute paths)
  • Gravity Sets the rooms gravity
  • Walk Speed Sets the players walk speed
  • Run Speed Sets the players run speed
  • Jump Velocity Sets the players jump velocity
  • Clip Plane Sets the near and far clip distances
  • Teleport Range Sets the min and max teleport distances
  • Default Sounds Use default sounds in room
  • Show Cursor Show Cursor in room
  • Fog Enable Fog effects
    • Color Set fog color
    • Fog Mode Set fog mode (exp, exp2, linear)
      • Density Set fog density (exp and exp2 modes)
      • Start & End Set fog start and end dist (linear mode)
  • Asset Scripts Enable JS scripts for room
    • Script 1-4 Set path to Asset Scripts (use absolute paths, up to 4 scripts supported)
  • Global GLSL Shader Set a global GLSL shader for the room
    • Frag Shader Set path to Fragment Shader (use absolute paths)
    • Vertex Shader Set path to Vertex Shader (use absolute paths)
  • Lock Room Lock room from edits

Multiplayer Server

  • Default Server Use the default server specified in Janus
  • Server URL to the server
  • Port Port of the server


  • JanusVR enable debug mode